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Onyx Knuck

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NoMetalKnucks are made of a lightweight plastic that has been tested for durability. We offer plenty of sizes that fit a wide range of hands, check the sizes page to get exact measurements.

For more info check our FAQ page here

Our "Large" size is the closest to standard knuckles


Our knuckles are 3D-Printed and made out of PLA


Plastic Knuckles Size Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Michael Carter
Feather Knockout

I really like the NoMetalKnucks, they're light weight, solid and durable, and pack a heck of a knockout blow. Probably not an appropriate statement, but consumers don't make these types of purchases for hoarding in their homes.

Cesar Lopez
Check local laws before ordering, illegal in most states

First check your local laws, this item is illegal to even possess in most states, Fit wasn’t the best, hurts the hand on impact, in my case I use a hanging heavy bag. Craftsmanship is nice, they look great, but make sure you order correct size. Nice item to have in your arsenal unfortunately it’s illegal to “own” forget about carrying, in most states. In states that it actually is legal, you still need a firearm concealed carry permit to carry and possess one. CHECK Local Laws before ordering!!!


Fits perfectly.

Dennis Mello

Honestly wasn't expecting much for the price, but these are incredibly strong. I tested against trees, concrete, steel.....i could only imagine cracking someone in self defense. I got two of these and with my strength i felt like i could eventually punch down a tree with them. Lol A+++ incredibly strong and far better than I expected. Highly recommend if you need to tenderize anything.

james wright
very nice

i love these they are way more comfortably than real brass ones. the only thing i don't like is the pinky finger hole is got to much gabis in it.other than that these are bad ass. i will be getting some other types of them