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Are No Metal Knucks legal in my state?

That is up to you to figure out. Because even if we attempted, as this is written, to figure out where specifically plastic knuckles are outlawed, that could change tomorrow. Several states do not even ban metal knuckles, and with very few exceptions, the states and municipalities that do call out knuckles at illegal, specifically mention metal. Plastic, wood, ceramic or resin are absent from the actual text of the statutes in all but a few cases,  We do not ship to California.  You should move.

Are plastic knuckles considered a "deadly weapon?"

The most common weapon found in actual cases of "assault with a deadly weapon" is a "shod foot." That means a shoe, and someone kicked someone else with a shoe on.  So yes, hitting someone with anything that would inflict more damage than your hand, even something designed to protect your hand from damage, is going to be considered a deadly weapon. 

Do the "brass" colored No Metal Knucks pass through a metal detector?

Yes, there is no metal in the plastic we use to manufacture them.

Why does the surface of the No Metal Knucks look so rough and unfinished?

The design of No Metal Knucks is for two purposes. One is comfort. The palm area is curved. The other is price. We could manufacture No Metal Knucks in a much more expensive way, but this way keeps the price down, ad the cost of not looking as good. 

Will No Metal Knucks break if I hit a hard surface with them?

In our experience, you can hit a cement wall as hard as possible and the No Metal Knucks will hardly even scratch.  There are YouTube videos out there of trained Karate people hitting walls, breaking bricks, etc., using plastic knuckles.

What size am I?

The sizes page includes measurements for the width of your fingers, and the distance between the bottom of your palm and the first finger. Bigger is going to be better, because it makes them easy to get off quickly.